Free Agents Marketing

Free Agents Marketing

With locations in Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, Free Agents Marketing (FAM) offers full-service advertising agency services to a wide array of clients.

FAM is a group of creative and passionate idea-generators who build strong connections between people and brands. As a fully integrated strategic marketing agency, FAM helps clients grow and create memorable experiences through messaging development, advertising, media and public relations, events, digital communications and more.

Bon Secours Value Network

brand identity | collateral pieces | website design

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Heart Check Challenge

advertising | digital | media | strategy

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Ken Wayland


Welcoming new FAMily Members

New additions to our account, digital and public relations teams.

JP LaFors

chief operating officer

Rob Sterling

digital director

Todd Williams

associate creative director

Waterside District

advertising | brand identity | digital | events | PR | strategy

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Waterside District and FAM develop a new partnership

Driving awareness and engagement for Waterside District in downtown Norfolk.

Hampton Roads Chamber

brand identity | strategy

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