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We are driven by big ideas, not big egos.

Free Agents Marketing is an unusually passionate group of big thinkers who are driven by the generation and execution of big ideas — powerful ideas that solve our clients’ business problems and move their brands forward. Yes, we do have big agency talent and a great deal of big brand experience. But for all that invaluable skill, wisdom and insight, there are absolutely zero big egos.

Leadership Team

What makes a company successful? Is it just the driven and hard-working employees or an atmosphere that elicits award-winning work?

True, those parts equal the sum, but success is also reflected in the people responsible for leading that company. And in our case, we have some of the very best in the business. They inspire us to create and execute to the best of our abilities as well as encourage us when we hit a wall. They inspire us to create greatness.

Ken Wayland


JP LaFors

chief operating officer

Rob Sterling

digital director

Marilyn Wayland

director of the FAMily

Ha Koehler

managing director - hampton roads

Cindi Houtz

media director

Carl McNeill

senior advisor

Betsy Eckart

director of finance

Todd Williams

associate creative director