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Hampton Roads Chamber

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The Hampton Roads Chamber means business.

And so do we.

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has been at the helm of exciting and active pro-business developments in the region. Looking to revamp their brand to better reflect their dynamic role in the business community, the Chamber partnered with FAM to bring a new strategic vision to life.

We dove in and explored the Chamber’s culture and purpose to understand what the rebrand should represent — a modern, regionally inclusive organization that fosters business growth.

“It’s big, it’s bold, it’s powerful. And it’s more reflective of what we do. We mean business and we support the business community.” – Bryan Stephens, President and CEO

Using these insights, we rebranded the Chamber with a fresh new look, using brand messaging that positions them as an impactful advocate, powerful economic partner and inspiring ignitor for the Hampton Roads business community.

The result was a streamlined new name and tagline — Hampton Roads Chamber: Means Business — and a clean, contemporary logo.

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